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" Microsoft.Office.2010.Toolkit.and.EZ.Activator.2.23 " torrent

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Torrent created: 10 Jul 2012 14:42:39
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Office 2010 Toolkit.exe - 35.6 MB

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" Microsoft.Office.2010.Toolkit.and.EZ.Activator.2.23 " Torrent Description
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Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator 2.23 - multi-activator of Office 2010. Includes a set of tools for managing licenses and activation. You can also put on some activation is one component of the office, only Word or Excel. Works with all versions of Office 2010. It can use the KMS-activated, even if you are using a retail Retail license. This set of tools for managing licenses and activation of Office 2010. The result of all the functions displayed in the information in the console window. All operations are performed in the background, and a graphical interface is disabled to prevent multiple execution functions, since this could lead to instability or damage to the Office 2010. Options AutoKMS Uninstaller, AutoRearm Uninstaller, Office Uninstaller and Product Key Checker work, even though Office 2010 is not installed. To activate, press the button "EZ-Activator" and wait for reports that activation was successful.

Work Done

- Fixed Visio Key Selection
- Fixed AutoKMS and AutoRearm Settings version mismatch
- Windows XP users can use the key checker if Office 2010 is installed, otherwise it is disabled.
- Added more KMS Keys and Checker support for more products.
- Fixed file browsing when using Customize Setup functions.
- Added ability to choose KMS Port, separate KMS PIDs for Windows and Office. Settings have been changed alot.
- Can check and install/uninstall Windows product keys. Can use different KeyList.ini files for each supported checkable product.
- Confirmation ID and Backup Key Prompt boxes remain centered and in front after minimizing and then restoring toolkit.
- Check if licensing is in a proper state before running certain functions.
- Fixed loss of rearms during rearm check and improved Backup error detection accuracy.
- KMSEmulator runs in RAM to reduce Anti-Virus problems.
- Many UI Changes and internal changes/bugfixes.
- Nuked/Discontinued support and install of AutoKMS Service, will uninstall if you uninstall AutoKMS.
- Added logging to AutoRearm.
- EZ-Activator won't say no products detected after successful activation which caused AutoKMS to be skipped.
- Fixed AutoKMS failure to run with tasks.
- Can install AutoKMS as a service and add a custom task.
- EZ-Activator won't say it succeeded if it didn't attempt activation.
- UI Changes.
- Enabled install and use of AutoKMS on Windows without Office 2010 and improved AutoKMS Windows support.
- Some of the PIDs in the EZ-Activator fix mode were invalid. They have been replaced.
- Added Phone Activation support.
- Added/Changed EZ-Activator KMS fixes and ability to specify KMS Extended PID used by KMSEmulator.
- Slight Change UI of Customize Setup Tab.
- Show Installation ID in Check Activation Status, and added an option to display Client Machine ID in Check Activation Status.
- Fixed ISO Extraction issue where some ISO's would lost the last 2 letters of all file names.
- Added new KMSEmulator that should fix persistent 8000700D errors.
- Made some UI text elements read-only.
- Added Troubleshooting/Support request guidlines to readme.
- Added Copy To Clipboard button in Readme
- AutoKMS Uninstall now deletes the Keygen if it remains.
- Added Silent Switches (Read further for more info).
- Added Customize Setup Tab and all functions inside it.
- Added New Backup Options/Features.
- Attempt Activation gives error code such as 8007000D if activation fails.
- Can customize where AutoKMS, AutoRearm, and KMSEmulator.exe are installed/created.
- Check Activation can show License Error Code and all installed license types even if no key is installed. Must first enable in Settings.
- EZ-Activator skips certain checks if you've disabled things that the checks were for.
- Fixed Key Uninstall Bug where it would say successful if you tried removing a custom key that wasn't installed. Also changed error for Key Install Failure.
- If you have a read only INI or are in a folder where you can't write an INI, this is now taken care of (Settings Button will be disabled and default settings will be loaded if no INI exists)
- UI Changes and IORRT detection.
- Added ID to INI file. This is to prevent using an old INI with newer version that would result in a crash.
- Added Daily Tasks for AutoKMS and AutoRearm
- Added Keys.ini batch key checking.
- AutoKMS can now KMS activate Windows
- AutoRearm can now convert Retail to VL automatically to eliminate nags
- Automatically Delete KMS Keygen and Hostname are now disabled by default.
- Better error recovery and notification.
- Fixed false success in EZ-Activator if KMS Keygen got deleted by AV.
- Removed Tokens Only Restore - It just doesn't work and nobody uses it as the Full Restore is always needed.
- Starting KMS Keygen is now the first thing done during activation so if AV causes failure we don't waste time.
- Using Modded KMS Emulator (By Phazor) to lessen amount of AV false positives. to 2.0: Written in C#, changes are drastic and innumerable.
1.0 To Initially just a batch file. Changes over these versions undocumented and almost innumerable.

1.Download the torrent.
2.Run setup to install program

Uploader's Notes
Hey I know some of you guys might run into activation problem with office like I did. So here's a tool to fix it.

Please seed this torrent as long as possible!

howard05   06 Oct 2012 | 13:40:25
This Microsoft Office is the latest version but it did not work for me.So I grabbed a working activation key from and it worked perfectly! :)