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GTA/EXTRAS/TRAINER/GTA-SA Crazy Trainer.exe - 338.5 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/TRAINER/GTA-SA_Trn_Settings.ini - 1.48 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/surf n skate/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-24-11-671.jpg - 141.71 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/stunt park and the himalya/hills.jpg - 131.66 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/stunt park and the himalya/stunt port.jpg - 129.89 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/party on the beach/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-32-54-843.jpg - 133.34 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/missions/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-51-51-968.jpg - 137.08 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/missions/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-51-45-46.jpg - 132.7 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/drag race/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-30-30-156.jpg - 143.85 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/screens of the game/creatures/Screenshot21.7.2009 17-40-26-656.jpg - 140.92 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/klite/klmcodec431.exe - 18.79 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA San Andreas User Files/Gallery/gallery1.jpg - 55.96 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA San Andreas User Files/Gallery/Thumbs.db - 5 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA San Andreas User Files/GTASAsf1.b - 198 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA San Andreas User Files/gta_sa.set - 2.83 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 12.65 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 3.97 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/dsetup32.dll - 1.6 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.54 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.54 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.5 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.5 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.35 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.33 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.3 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.3 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.29 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.29 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.27 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.19 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.1 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.08 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.06 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.04 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.03 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.03 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.03 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 1.02 MB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 990.34 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 953.14 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 895.82 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 685.75 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 683.07 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/DXSETUP.exe - 491.35 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 208.76 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 194.69 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 193.63 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 188.9 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 188.16 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 179.55 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 179.02 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 177.49 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 175.8 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 175.05 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 151.2 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 148.03 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 143.12 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 135.72 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 134.96 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 131.48 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 130.85 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 130.17 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 98.06 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 86.04 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 85.93 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 84.89 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 83.87 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/DSETUP.dll - 75.35 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 55.57 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 45.92 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 45.8 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 45.16 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/DirectX/ - 44.24 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA 4 GRAPHICS/ENB/ENBseries/d3d9.dll - 256 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA 4 GRAPHICS/ENB/ENBseries/effect.txt - 2.87 KB
GTA/EXTRAS/GTA 4 GRAPHICS/ENB/ENBseries/enbseries.ini - 2.4 KB
GTA/gadar.bmp - 3 MB

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<a href=''><b>Torrent downloaded from</b></a> Torrent downloaded from http://thepiratebay.orgPRESENTING GTA GADAR WE HAVE MODDED THE WHOLE OF THE GTA SAN ANDREAS WITH GTA4 FEATURES AND MANNY MODS............... SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS _______________________ Supported Operating Systems are: Windows 2000 Professional (Workstation) (plus Service Pack 1 or higher) plus DirectX 9 Windows XP (Home and Professional) (plus Service Pack 1 or higher) plus DirectX 9 Minimum Hardware Requirements: 1GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon Processor 1 GB of RAM 8 speed DVD-ROM Drive 6.3 GB of free Hard Disk space for a minimal install 256 MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers ("GeForce3" or better) DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card Keyboard Mouse Recommended Hardware Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP processor (or better) 384(+) MB of RAM 16 speed DVD-ROM drive 6.3 GB of free Hard Disk space for a full install 256(+) MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers ("GeForce4" or better) DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card Game pad with twin axis analogue controls (USB or Joystick Port) Keyboard Mouse INSTALLATION: 1. COPY THE "GTA San Andreas User Files" FOLDER IN MY DOCUMENTS TO PREVENT ANY GAME CRASHES. 2. install klite 3. install directx 4. EXTRACT THE GTAGADAR RAR FILES Vehichles: We have added a lot of cars which run in our own country like the Civic, piaggio ape,maruti,jeeps,daewoo cielo,hyundai accord,mahindra logan, maruti 800, maruti van, maruti wagnor, verka milk trailers, cantessa,limo,tata ace - chotta hathi, toyota innova, mercedes benz, nano, reva, A-star, alto, tat 407, fabia,yamaha r1, bajaj chetak, royal enfield bullet, moped, toyota corrola, montero/pajero, sonata, rickshaw, rehda, fiat, lancer, skoda, hero hawk,cop bikes,elentra, hyundai swift, esteem, optra, bmw, school buses ,ndtv news vans, bsnl on wheels and many funny cars also. MAPS: All new maps of the central locations of the GAME like the Doherty,players house in groove street. A STUNT PARK ON SF AIRPORT A BRIDGE ARROUND GTA SA A BIG HILL ON THE BEACH peds: Changed all the peds added the peds of vice city vice city stories gta4 gta3 also changed all the girlfriends of the player added chicken petroling on the roads added very deadly monsters and zombies also added cartoons like the mario, simpsons homer, pikachu, pokemon nurse,max payne, mc ronald doraemon, terminator,ninja , hitman,lara croft,aliens, gijoes, gta 3 sardarji . yeti ,predator, mario bros., spiderman, one big robot, pandas ,gorrilas, bully the game main character,star wars fighter,sea monsters many children,dwarfs,kanye west singer, in game character on road,fat indian cops and many funny peds. Sound : changed all the sounds ,,also added new punjabi songs to the disco . Text: Changed all the required text of the game added names of the villages of punjab in place of the city names of the game. MODS: changed the news office CHANGED ALL THE TEXTURES OF THE GAME ALL SHOPS HAVE BEEN CHANGED ALL BILLBOARDS ALL THE GRASSES AND LEAVES ALL THE ROADS AND SIDEWALKS. ALL NEW INDIAN RAILINES TEXTURES ADDED GTA 4 HUD ADDED THE OPTION TO ENTER THE TRAM ADDED NEONS TO VEHICHLES CHANGED AND RETEXTURED ALL THE INTERIORS MANSIONS AND SAVE HOUSES CHANGED ALL THE MAGAZINES AND PHOTOFRAMES DO HAVE A LOOK AT THE CJ'S MOM PHOTO IN THE FIRST CUTSCENE CHANGED ALL THE BARS CHANGED ALL THE VENDOR MACHINES NOW ALL TATTOOS IN ALL SHOPS ALL NEW CLOTHES ,TATTOOS ,HAIRSTYLES ,WATCHES SHOES ETC. MADE THE PLAYER A SIKH CHANGED ALL THE WEAPONS CHANGED THE GLEN PARK ADDED NEW UNDERWATER CREATURES ADDED NEW STREET TAGS NOW THE COPS ARE CRAZY ENOUGH EDITED ONE OF THE CARS FOR DRIFTING AND WHEELIE CHANGED SOME OF THE FLAGS OF GAME TO OUR INDIAN FLAG CHANGED THE BUSTOP now u can perform stunts on the wayfarer bike (press LMB and LMB +q and LMB +e ADDED ALL NEW EFFECTS: - Transparent Water (improved). - Wind system (now effects are afected by wind). - New aim. - Real traffic lights (improved) (SF bug fixed). - New rocketlauncher aim. - New radar look. - Plane icon when you fly (improved). - New Marker. - New blood (improved). - Better blood effect (improved). - New sparks effect (When a bullet hit on some place will be created some beautiful sparks and some fragments). - Realistic Moon (improved). - New sun (improved). - New sun reflects. - New clouds (improved). - New clouds effect. - New yetpack effect. - New fire (very improved). - New flamethrower effect (very improved). - New molotov fire. - Realistic explosions (very improved). - New cool debris added to vehicle explosions (improved). - New spraycan effect. - Real extinguisher effect (improved). - Better texture and better effect for insects (a fly). - The bests gunshells. - New gunshell effect (very improved). - New gun flash effect (very improved). - New gun smoke effect (improved) - New gun heat haze effect. - New lockonfire (improved). - New Water effects (improved). - New rain effect (improved). - New sand effects (improved). - Real random bubbles (improved). - New Shadows (improved). - Real headlights (improved). - New street lights (improved). - New light beam. - New carwash effect (made with water no with smoke like the original). - New heli/hydra dust (like the real). - New riot smoke (improved). - Better flare's red smoke (longer). - New missiles smoke (improved). - New chimney smoke. - New vent smoke. - New nitro. - New broken glass. - Clean cars. - New steering wheels (improved). - New Tyres (improved). - New wheels vision. - Better menu arrow. - Transparent cursor. - And more... cHANGED THE CHECKPOINT CIRCLE COMPLETELY cHANGED THE HELMET COMPLETELY ADDED MCDONALDS AND KFC SPOTS CHANGED THE MONEY TO INDIAN GANDHI NOTES ADDED XENON LIGHTS TO VEHICHLES AND IN INTERIORS CHANGED THE LOOK OF THE CUTSCENE CHARACTERS LIKE SWEET, RYDER ETC CHANGED ALL THE FARMHOUSES CHANGED THE JEFFERSON MOTEL CHANGED ALL THE GRAPHIX OF THE GAME and ALSO INCREASED VISIBILITY NOW BIKE PASSENGERS WILL SIT BACK AND HOLD THE PLAYER TIGHTLY OPENED UP ALL THE CITIES: All barriers on the bridges have been removed. The wanted level for leaving the cities is now removed. All casinos, clothing, barber, tatoo, and food stores are accessible from the beginning of the game. All weapons are available to be purchased from the Ammunation. All 4 weapons challenges are playbale from the start of the game. The 'Wrong Side of the Tracks' mission does not end when you reach the bridge to Las Venturas. Many vehicles that spawn later in the game are available in the beginning. The doors are no longer locked on the San Fierro airplanes CHANGED ALL THE FOODSTANDS CHANGED ALL THE ARCADE CABINETS ADDED A SAMSUNG LCD IN MADDOGS HOUSE CHANGED THE GAS CYLINDERS CHANGED ALL THE ALCHOHOL BOTTLES CLEO MODS --------- AUTOMATIC CLEOS: 1. PARTY ON THE BEACH(INTIMATED THRU SCREENSHOT) 2. PRISON MOD : IF U ARE BUSTED THEN ULL BE PUT IN JAIL( KILL A PERSON TO GET OUT OF THE PRISON) 3. LONGER INDIAN TRAINS 4. SPEEDOMETER 5. HEADSHOT(WHEN U GIVE A GUNSHOT) 6. DONUT SHOPS ARE NOW OPEN 7. NEW CAR PARKS IN THE GAME 8. AUTOMATIC HELMET WHEN SITTING ON THE BIKE(GTA IV FEATURE) 9. NO FALLING FROM THE BIKE 10. HOUSES ARE NOW ENTERABLE N U CAN ALSO ROB ANYTHING FROM THE HOUSES 11. PUKING PEDS 12. PISSING PEDS 13. NEWS REPORTERS WILL COME N HAVE THE PHOTOS OF THE PLAYER ON 5 STAR WANTED LEVEL 14. FAST FOOD DRIVE INN(Mac_Donalds_Drive-through) 15. NOW THE PEDS WILL BE USING PHONES AND THEY WILL ALSO DRINK 16. A FEW HOMIES ARE HANGING OUT NEAR CJS HOUSE ALSO MANUAL CLEO ----------- 1.SIT SMOKE DRINK PISS PUKE PRESS NUM 2 + 4 (TO SIT) PRESS NUM 2 + 6 (FOR PISSING ANYWHERE) PRESS NUM 2 + 7 (FOR SMOKING) PRESS NUM 2 + 6 (FOR DRINKING) PRESS NUM 2 + 9 (FOR PUKING) 2.SKATING (?????????????????????????????EXISTS PROBLEM WE WERE NOT ABLE TO RECOVER????????????????????????????) SKATEBOARD BEING PLACED NEAR PLAYER'S HOUSE Raise Skate - HIT "TAB" Put Skate - HIT "ENTER" Hang on his back - SCROLL MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON 3.AUTO DRIVER(???????????????????DOES NOT WORK WITH BIKES?????????????????) GO TO THE MAP BY PRESSING ESC BUTTON OPEN MAP AND SET THE DESTINATION BY PRESSING RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON ON THE MAP (DONT SELECT TOO FAR DESTINATION) RESUME GAME AND PRESS Z PRESS Z AGAIN TO TURN OFF AUTO DRIVER TURN OFF AUTO DRIVER WHEN U GOT NEARER TO THE DESTINATION OR ELSE GAME WILL CRASH 4.GRAVITY GUN TYPE "GGUN" TO GET THE POWER TO LIFT THE OBJECTS AROUND BY PRESSING MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON TO THROW AWAY OBJECTS LIFTED PRESS LEFT MOUSE BUTTON 5.FRONT FLIP KEEP THE JUMP BUTTON PRESSED TO MAKE THE PLAYER JUMP IN SPECIAL WAY 6.DANCE WITH MUSIC PRESS R + P , R + ; , R + , R + L TOGETHER TO MAKE PLAYER DANCE WITH MUSIC CHANGE DANCE MOVES BY PRESSING THE SPACE OR SHIFT OR CTRL OR LEFT MOUSE BUTTON AND ARROW KEYS _________ 7.HORSE MOD --------- A HORSE IS BEING PLACED IN FRONT OF PLAYERS HOUSE USE THE SAME CONTROLS OF CARS AND BIKES SURPRISE: GET ON THE HORSE FROM THE RIGHT HAND SIDE FOR THE SURPRISE 8.PAINT JOB CJ can change car colours and paintjobs with the spraycan at any time 1. CJ must have a spraycan as current weapon 2. CJ must first enter the choosed car 3. When the radio play, CJ must exit the car 4. Let CJ spray/press fire bottum Now have CJ ca. 20 sek. to change colours. Do not put the car in a save garage during these sequence and make shure CJ haven´t the spraycan as current weapon by exiting the garage. Otherwise, the game will crash. 9.WRECK BALL PRESS B AND THEN PRESS LEFT MOUSE BUTTON 10.FLY CARPET PRESS O TO SPAWN A FLY CARPET(ALLADIN CARPET) 12.CALL FOR BACKUP PRESS TAB AND SPACE 13.SURFING A SURF BOARD IS PLACED NEAR PLAYER HOUSE THE SAME CONTROLS FOR SKATE BUT MAKE IT WORK IN WATER OR THE GAME WILL CRASH Raise Skate - HIT "TAB" Put Skate - HIT "ENTER" Hang on his back - SCROLL MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON 14.RENT A CAR IN THE DOHERTY WANG CARS 15.SWORD OF FLAME TYPE "laevateinn" 16.ACTIVE HOUSE AS SHOWN IN VIDEO PRESS ENTER TO DO AN ACT(PISSING, WASHING HANDS, BATHING IN BATHROOM AND EATING ,DRINKING IN KITCHEN AND SLEEPING,SITTING) 17.REMOTE CONTROLLED TOY CAR(PLAY AND HAVE FUN) NEAR CJ'S HOUSE PICK UP A BRIEFCASE BY PRESSING TAB AND HAVE FUN New features: PRESS F5 TO SPAWN THIS MOD MENU IN THE GAME 1. New option: Interior teleporter 2. New option: Other Missions select 3. Edit: Car color 4. New option: Car jump 5. New option: Special actor select 6. Edit: Car spawner --> Vehicle spawn 7. New option: Stay on Bike 8. New option: :Add ped to gang Function of the new options : 1. You can teleport to interiors: like: Ryders house, RC Battlefield, Liberty City etc. (tools) 2. You can now play the "Minigame" mission's. like: Video games, Bloodring, Kickstart enz. (mission options) 3. You can choose the car color in a menu. as in the modshops. (car option menu) 4. Press Shift if you're in a vehicle with wheels and your car jumps. You can change the "jump force" in the menu: Jump Height (Tools). 5. You can change in a special actor, like: Sweet, Kendel, Big Smoke, Ryder, Tenpeni etc. (skin changer) 6. Vehicle spawner, now in a menu. (tools) > Press Space+C to spawn the last vehicle. 7. You can't fall of the bike. 8. Add a ped to your gang. (max 7) Player options: 1. skin changer >>> With this option, you can change your skin in every ped. ?????????????THIS IS NOT WORKING??????????????? 2. Special clothes >>>With this option, you can choose special clothes to wear. 3. Get money >>> Get $1000000,- (idea from warrock 123_321) 4. Super health>>> You can't go dead. (on, off) 5. Stay on bike >>> You can't fall of the bike. (on, off) Game options: 1. Weather control mod >>> With this option can you change the weather. (this version has more options) 2. Time Control mod >>> with this option can you change the time. 3. Game speed >>> Set the gamespeed higher or lower. Mission options: 1. Mission select >>> You can select a (storyline) mission to play. 2. Infinite mission time >>> Stop the mission timer. (on, off) 3. Other missions select >>> Play the "Minigame" mission's. like: Video games, Bloodring, Kickstart enz. Tools: 1. Save game >>> Save the game ANYWHERE 2. Teleport to marker >>> place a marker in the map en select this option to be teleported to the marker. 3. Wanted level >>> Change your wanted level. 4. Population-density >>> Change the population density. 5. Weapon select >>> Spawn every weapon where you want. 6. Vehicle spawn >>> Spawn every vehicle where you want. (now in a menu) 7. Interrior teleporter >>> You can teleport to interiors: like: Ryders house, RC Battlefield, Liberty City etc. 8. jump height >>> Change the "jump force" of your car. (press in a car on shift to jump) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Press Shift if you're in a vehicle with wheels and your car jumps. You can change the "jump force" in the menu: Jump Height (Tools). 2.Press Space+C To spawn the last vehicle. 3.If you are in a vehicle, (not in a plane or something like that) press H+O to active the car options menu. 1. turn engine off >>> Turn off the engine 2. turn lights on >>> turn lights on 3. turn lights off >>> turn lights off 4. Car have hydraulics >>> the car have hydraulics 5. repair car >>> repair the car. 6. change color >>> Change the color. (now in a menu) 7. Enable nitro >>> get one nitro-pack ADDED NEW MISSIONS ------------- 1.MAFIA MISSION start mission in San Fierro/Paradiso look for blue skully-radar-icon Kill the mafia boss and gain his house. 2.The Psycho Mission Go to the factory that I mark it with CJ Icon You can play the mission again by walk to the marker or press the key after finish the mission! 3.BEBE DI MAUT DA BADLA 4.FISHER LAGOONS Go anytime to the Fisher's Lagoon in the Red County and stand on earth about a minute. You will encounter with 4 sea monster who will try kill you! But after kill you, the monsters will kill first to a ally who I added near of the Fisher's lagoon cabin. 5.PISSED GORRILLA Spawns A GORRILA Behind Where The Drive-Thru Is At Los Santos, South Of Grove Street. His Objective, Kill Any Pedestrian To Take Out His Revenge For Being Fired 6.Terrorist_attack NEAR THE GROOVE GYM AFTER CROSSING RAILWAY LINE TURN LEFT. 7.DRAG RACE IN LOS SANTOS GTA4 FEATURES ------------- 1.GTA4_FEATURE_BURNOUT MAKE A BURNOUT ON THE CAR OR BIKE AND SEE THE MAGIC 2.GTA4_FEATURE_CARFIRE MORE DEADLY CAR FIRE 3.GTA 4 HELMET FEATURE 4. GTA4 GRAPHICS: -------------- IF U HAVE 256mb OR ABOVE GRAPHIC CARD THEN INSTALL BOTH THE FILES OF THE ARCHIVE IN GTA GADAR FOLDER(ENB SERIES) AND WHEN THE GAME STARTS THEN PRESS shift+F12 TRAINER: -------- HELPING U TO ENABLE CHEATS EASILY. *********************REGARDS RISHI & YAMAN ************************** <a href=''><b></b></a>